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The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities provides clear step-by-step, proven processes to receive free money.

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Welcome to the Exciting World of Getting What You Need for Your Child!

For more than a decade I have been assisting families to raise the funds they lack to cover assistive technology and other expenses for their disabled children. In the course of working with many families as well as therapists and other professionals, I have become aware of how little people know about the existence of funding help.

Even the experts serving the disability community are frequently in awe of what I know and have been able to accomplish. With such widespread lack of knowledge, it dawned on me, that I should expand my reach and write a professionally published fundraising guide, and create other useful instructional resources, so that more people can find the financial assistance they need.


Learn from those that I have taught. Carrie’s best tips which raised $9,000 for her son’s Autism Service Dog and discover Mary Anne’s techniques for reaching the $33,000 needed to install an elevator in their home. The Disability Funding Guide contains tips, do’s, don’t’s and inspiring success stories that show it is possible to raise the funds you need!

When you think it might be too much work to put on a community fundraiser, write a grant to funders, or set up a crowdfunding campaign with the potential to raise thousands of dollars, “think to yourself, how long would it take me to make that much money at my job?” Now it sounds like a lot less work doesn’t it!
– Tammy, Disability Funding Guide, Page 42

Give back when you can. Show the community you appreciate their hard work by giving of yourself at the next benefit. It doesn’t have to be something huge, just help out! Things you can give are items for a bake sale, fold and separate tickets. Think of things you can do at home to help out if it’s hard to get out of your house because of your situation. Make phone calls or flyers. There are always things to be done behind the scenes that pull these events together!
– Mary Anne, Disability Funding Guide, Page 41

People want to know how much of what you raise is going to the cause. Fundraisers should be free or as low cost as possible because supporters want to know that the majority of their money is going directly to the need and they are more likely to support an event that gives the most to the cause.
– Carrie, Disability Funding Guide, Page 35

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