Discover one family’s story of finding the funding to get products for their son with disabilities!

Yumeka and family with Caliph and his adaptive bike

Yumeka and family with Caliph and his adaptive bike

In June 2018 our family started looking for an adaptive bicycle for our son Caliph. He’s 16 years old, and at the age of 2 developed vascular malformations. He fights with this disability in numerous ways each day. Due to the limitations from his disability he has never had the opportunity to have any type of bicycle or cycling experience. We started our search with a visit The Bike Rack in St. Charles, IL.

On our very first visit to The Bike Rack the owner Hal assessed our son’s abilities. Within 15 minutes Caliph was rolling off the showroom floor on a bike! My husband and I were overcome with emotion! We had no idea getting an adaptive bike could be so easy – to see our child finally ride a bike! We will never forget that day.

Now we faced a new challenge. How would we afford the bike? While Caliph road in circles in the parking lot for the next hour I had the pleasure of speaking with Hal’s sister Tammy.

Tammy is the author of Disability Funding Guide, and through that book she showed us exactly how to access the funding to acquire the bike!

What Tammy has accomplished for families needing assistance for their children with disabilities is simply beautiful. Her book Disability Funding Guide is heaven sent. Tammy was more than helpful with the process of acquiring our son’s bike. After our visit she emailed us a copy of the book – which is a free download available for anyone.

We started looking through the book. “Where do we begin?” was our first question. We quickly found the answer and our way.

This book is loaded with tons of helpful information. It was truly what we needed. Being the parent of a child with special needs can be heavy on us from day to day. Finding time to just take care of the family’s daily needs can be a struggle.

With Disability Funding Guide thankfully not everything needs to be a struggle! We reviewed many of the foundation guidelines and the funding they offered. We began submitting applications. The process became a family project that really was fun! We thought of it like fishing, casting your rod, and waiting on a catch.

On August 26, 2018 Caliph was awarded with his bike. Thanks to the Tommy Finnegan Legacy Foundation and Disability Funding Guide! We are now working with Tammy Simmons and the advice from the guide to obtain a mobility scooter for our son. It’s made possible by another foundation that is granting assistance.

All of this has been made possible with the guidance found in Disability Funding Guide!

From our family to yours we urge you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. You too can be a recipient of countless charitable funding. Thank you once again to The Funding Guide for helping make our son’s dream come true.

Sincerely, Team Kellogg