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The audio version of The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities is now available.  This is an ideal resource for greater accessibility while meeting the needs of those who enjoy the freedom of audio books.  It contains the first three sections found in the print version, but you will still need the hard copy or eBook to utilize the Funding Source Directory.  In addition to the same great content, the audio book also comes with a PDF of worksheet pages that help you break down your funding plan into personalized steps, based on the type of fundraiser(s) you select to implement.

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The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities, contains Tamara Simmon’s proven process for applying to the various funding sources that assist children. It features the best tips and advice for the greatest chance of being selected and includes a directory of over 200 funding sources divided into three categories: National, State and Wish Funders.

Tamara also teaches how to successfully run other types of creative fundraising projects including crowdfunding and community events. She says, “With the right knowledge, everyone who needs funds can raise them. It is my hope that this Funding Guide assists thousands of children to reach their greatest potential!”