Welcome to The Funding Blog!  I’m Tamara Simmons.  Through working with my family’s nonprofit, Project Mobility, I have become an expert in fundraising, helping many families obtain adaptive bikes for their children.  Not long ago, my family was featured in a Hallmark Heroes T.V. Special, Click Here to Watch That Video

With the knowledge and success I have gained, I want to assist more people to obtain the life-changing technology they need but can’t afford and so I founded  Disability Funding Specialist  with a number of resources which can help bring you the freedom of adaptive technology.

The first of these resources is The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities, a full-color 310 page book which provides clear step-by-step, proven processes to receive free money, from becoming a funding funding-newslettersource recipient to conducting community fundraisers which raise larger amounts to teaching how to set up and run successful crowdfunding campaigns.  It also contains a directory of over 200 funding sources, saving you countless hours searching for the right matches. This e-book version of The Funding Guide is FREE!  There is a short process to download the book from my website, which is simply to register to receive the monthly email  Funding Newsletter, which is a continuation of the book with the latest tips, trends and success stories to inspire and help you reach your fundraising goals!  Many thanks to the Sponsors who have made it possible to provide this information at no cost to you!

In addition to The Funding Guide, a video course addressing this topic is also being created, for those who will gain more from watching and hearing the information in a personal coaching setting.  In order to assist more people, it will address fundraising for all ages and stages, not just children.  The Online Funding Course will feature many of the individuals whose success stories are written in The Funding Guide and will be entertaining as well as effective, providing useful handouts, templates and opportunities for you to accomplish the steps, such as writing your Ask Letters and outlining your fundraising project plans.

It is my intent to support inner challenges as well as aid in the physical needs of those overcoming disabilities, so I have teamed up with bestselling author Melanie Davis, founder of Triumph Press and publisher of The Funding Guide, to write the third in Melanie’s bestselling Triumph Book Series, titled The Triumph Book: DISABILITIES.  This is a collection of first person stories from people who are achieving greatness because of their disabilities, such as David Farber, who travels the world photographing nature and wildlife in the most remote locations, from his power wheelchair and through his own ingenious innovation which allows him to use a camera unassisted despite his limited mobility.  The stories in this book come from those who were born with disabilities, who are newly disabled because of injury, or who are fulfilling the role of caregiver. All of the stories in The Triumph Book: DISABILITIES are inspirational, life-changing examples of what it really means to be disabled.

triumph-bookThe Triumph Book: DISABILITIES provides faith-building examples and a road map for those who may be struggling to believe they can overcome their adversity; such hope is as powerful as assistive technology for improving lives.

I hope that you will visit my website and allow all of the resources I’ve prepared especially for you to make a huge difference in your life and the life of your loved ones!