How to Use the Guide
and this Website:

Read “Who the Guide is for”:

The first step is to read the “Who the Guide is for” section. You can read it here on the website and it’s also included in the guide.


Next, review the Step-by-Step Process:

Next, review the “Step-by-Step Process”. You can review it here on the website and it’s also including in the guide. You want to follow each step, in order, to have success in creating your funding plan and submitting applications to the funding sources. The steps are available to read here on the website and they are also included in the guide.


Finally, download your FREE eBook copy of the Disability Funding Guide!

Now that you’ve read these two important sections it’s time to download our FREE eBook copy of the Disability Funding Guide! The free eBook version is made possible by my amazing sponsors. These sponsors provide products, services, and therapies that children with disabilities need and use.

Insurance does not always cover the costs of these items. Now that you know about the Disability Funding Guide you can raise funds to purchase these items as you need them!

Be sure to check out the sponsors on the products page of the website to learn more about what they have available for you.

The guide is also available in a printed version for just $29.99. Many people work better using a printed book. We recommend you start with the FREE eBook version and purchase the printed version as you proceed with your fund raising!


In the guide your next steps on your funding journey are to:

  • Read Section One to learn how you can become a funding source recipient, using the Step-by-Step process to create your funding plan.
  • Review the Directory of Funding Sources (Section Three) and pick five to ten funding sources.
  • Use the Step-by-Step process to complete your applications to these funding sources.


Along the way I also encourage you to:

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