Meet the Team


Tammy Simmons

Hi! I’m Tammy Simmons. I’ve been raising funds for people with various disabilities for almost 20 years – for families just like YOURS! My family started the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Project Mobility in 2002 (17 years ago) – to respond to the need for funding support for families who needed adaptive bicycles.

Disability Funding Guide Team

Disability Funding Guide Team left to right: Melissa Simmons, Tammy Simmons, Katherine Reda

Collectively my family and the Project Mobility team have raised many, many thousands of dollars through funding raising events, community fundraisers, crowdfunding campaigns, grant funding, and applications to funding sources.

Along the way, we’ve become experts at how to acquire funds so that people with disabilities can access the assistive technology they need.

  • We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.
  • We’ve mastered many ways of raising funds: community fundraising, crowdfunding, working with sponsors and large donors and applying for grants and funding from funding sources.
  • We’ve discovered hundreds of funding sources – organizations that raise funds and make them available to families in need.

We raise funds for many families but there just are not enough of us to raise funds for everyone. That’s why I wrote the Disability Funding Guide in 2015. So that families just like you can learn how to create a funding plan and apply for funds for your needs.

Plus, I included more than 200 funding sources in the guide to help you get started. The guide is available in several formats, starting as low as $9.95. Get your copy today!


Melissa Simmons
Education Director, The Funding Project

For the past ten years, Melissa has been a school teacher, teaching kindergarten, first and second grades, and also working as a reading specialist for a year. In addition to her teaching career, she’s worked with Project Mobility since 2002 as an adaptive bike specialist and had been fundraising for over 17 years. She is the editor of the Disability Funding Guide and the Autism Funding Guide. In fundraising, she handles grant writing for Project Mobility and Project Kindle, has run three very successful crowdfunding campaigns, overseen large community fundraisers, and commits much time and effort to raise funds to help families acquire adaptive bicycles from Creative Mobility (the adaptive bike department of The Bike Rack). I always say: “Melissa knows my book backwards and forwards!”


Katherine Reda
Event Director, The Funding Project and Project Mobility

Katherine is the Event Director for Project Mobility and has overseen the growth of the organization’s fundraising events since during the past three years. She oversees four signature events per year as well as smaller fundraising activities crowdfunding campaigns. She has directed multiple large community fundraisers and frequently supports other organizations with fundraising efforts to help families acquire the funds for the items needed. Prior to taking over at Project Mobility, she directed events for two other non-profit organizations. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in hospitality/tourism management and meetings/event management.