From Tammy:

Today I am going to feature one of my amazing sponsors, Mobility Lifter. I met the owner Jeanine at an Abilities Expo show and we just hit it off. She was one of the first few sponsors that came on board when all I had was a sample of my book in a 3-ring binder. She believed in me from the first time we met, THANK YOU, Jeanine!

I am sure she wondered if I was ever going to get my book done! I truly appreciate her faith in me and what my book can do for families that need it!

I asked Jeanine to write something up about her company that she wanted me to highlight and here is what she wrote. It was awesome! Please be sure to check out the LIFTKAR, it is truly life changing!


About Mobility Lifter by Jeanine Carroccio, Founder

Mobility Lifter was founded because of a need.  A need to help my mother get up and down stairs.

As a daughter, I was blessed to have my 96-year-old mother move in with us. The problem was the stairs … there were stairs everywhere!

We were surrounded by stairs. Inside, outside. Indoor stairs, curved stairs, spiral stairs, carpeted stairs, stairs in the garage, pie-shaped stairs, concrete stairs, RV stairs, restaurant stairs, basement stairs, airplane stairs, stairs in the condo building! It was a stair nightmare!

Enter the LIFTKAR PT.

What makes LIFTKAR PT so different?

It’s a portable stair-climber. It’s lightweight, compact, and comes apart in three easy-to-carry pieces. It’s battery-powered which

Mobility Lifter

means the attendant is not doing the lifting, and it safely locks at the edge of each step.

LIFTKAR PT gave my mother freedom, not just inside and outside our home, but also to go out and visit. My mother had over sixty grand, great, and great great grandchildren and she wanted to be a part of their families. Her expression of joy to be a part of the generations she created was priceless! It was all made possible by the LIFTKAR PT.

Whether you know someone young or old that has problems with stairs, or whether you are a business and have people who are having difficulty with stairs … consider the LIFTKAR PT as your solution. LIFTKAR helps to give everyone a lift! No one is left feeling like an outcast or a burden because they can’t get up or down the stairs.

Mobility Lifter is the exclusive distributor in North America for this wonderful product manufactured by SANO Transportgeraete GmbH. Mobility Lifter markets this product through a dealer network.

We take pride in our dealers and our values. To ensure the safety of the passenger and the attendant, we teach the attendants how to operate the LIFTKAR PT in their home.

When Tammy Simmons first introduced her book The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities, one of Mobility Lifter’s customers was the first to use the process outlined in the book. They received funding through the “Make A Wish Foundation,” just by using this marvelous resource! Mobility Lifter shares the link to the guide (which is free as an eBook) with any family that has children. Additionally, we share the guide with any therapist, caseworker, or hospital personnel so they too can pass on this information to families they serve.

The book has been such a life-support for so many people. Families are already stressed with life changes and any guidance that helps pay for medical products relieves just one more pressure! So thank you again, Tammy, for your guide!


From Tammy:

Please visit Mobility Lifter’s website at www.mobilitylifter.comand their Facebook page at to see the LIFTKAR PT in action. Read some of the comments from families about how this product puts a smile on our faces every day!

Families! You can raise funds to acquire equipment like the LIFTKAR! I teach you step-by-step how to do it in my book The Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities – which is available to you as a FREE eBook because of the generous support of sponsors like Mobility Lifter. Plus, the book contains 200 funding sources you can apply to for funds!

Download your free ebook copy here >>

Print and audio versions available for purchase here >>

Let me know your questions and stories of raising funds using the tips and funding sources found in the guide!