CapeAble logoI’m so pleased to feature one of my amazing sponsors, CapeAble.

I first met Marna and Susan from CapeAble at the disAbilities Expo in Fort Wayne, Indiana a few years ago! I was there promoting my original Disability Funding Guide with my daughters, Melissa and Katherine. I was also looking for sponsors for my book. We went over to the CapeAble booth and were really excited to try out their wearable products and fidgets.

We all hit it off right away! We loved their weighted products and they loved my book. They knew first-hand the need for funding help for these families. They didn’t hesitate to support my book, they signed up right after the show! I love when a sponsor gets what I am doing and the value of what it does for families. THANK YOU CapeAble!

During the month of April I will be highlighting CapeAble and all of the items they have available, and showing you how they compare to the competition. Be sure to follow our social media accounts for more about CapeAble and some exciting news from us! Find us on Facebook and Instagram at the handle @fundingguides.

Weighted blankets have gained a ton of popularity in the last 2 years. But, not all blankets are the same. Discover what makes the CapeAble blanket different and why I feel it’s the best weighted blanket on the market. You’ll also learn about Millie, Marna’s daughter, who inspired the CapeAble Sensory Products that now support children everywhere!

A message from CapeAble about who they are and what they do, plus an incredible video about their story!

We Are CapeAble!If we did all the things we were capable of doing we would literally astonish ourselves

Our lives probably look a lot like yours; complicated families, busy schedules, and daily stresses battling for our joy.

We believe that there can be gifts in adversity.

Both of our families adopted children who had experienced early childhood trauma. As parents in the trenches with our children (and their extreme behaviors), we quickly realized the effects of abuse and neglect on their brains. Everything that we learned inspired us to seek tools that would assist in reducing the high stress and anxiety in our households. When we could not find adequate solutions, we created our own.

First, we developed a patent-pending weight distribution, SmartWeight technology, which provides the most precise weight distribution on the market; following the science of DTP (Deep Touch Pressure). Then, we designed a beautiful, fashion-forward line of weighted blankets, weighted wraps, and sensory tools that we knew would benefit our families. Finally, we engineered a patent-pending manufacturing method and established a facility to produce our products in Northeast Indiana.

We are grateful that in today’s over-scheduled and hectic world, CapeAble Weighted Products is providing something that everyone needs: peace in the middle of “hard” and strength in the struggle.

Together, let’s choose hope and never give up!

With love,

Marna and Susan