Step by Step
How to Become a Funding Source Recipient


To be successful in acquiring funding, you need a good funding plan:

Good news – you can get funding for the products and services your child with disabilities needs!
For nearly 20 years I’ve raised funding for products and services just like the ones you need. With that experience, I’ve developed a step-by-step process that you can follow to develop a funding plan and apply to the funding sources. If you follow each of these steps you will have a great funding plan!


Complete the steps in the order listed – and don’t skip any steps!

I highly recommend you complete the steps in the order listed. This will ensure that you keep the process moving along, which will ensure you reach your goal.

Don’t skip any steps. They are all very important in the process.


After preparing your funding plan, review the Funding Source Directory:

Once you have completed the steps and have prepared your funding plan, review the Funding Source Directory and choose several funding sources that are the best fit for your situation. The Funding Source Directory is part of the guide and includes 200+ funding sources that fund for children with disabilities. To receive more funding sources, sign you up for my monthly email newsletter – each issue contains new funding sources!


The Step-by-Step Process:

Here are the steps to follow to create your funding plan. You can read more about each step in the Disability Funding Guide. In the guide, you’ll also find sample letters, tips for success and more than 200 funding sources. Get your copy of the Disability Funding Guide and go get your funding!

  1. Determine what assistive technology you need.
  2. Get a cost estimate for the service or product you need.
  3. Take a picture of your child with the item you are requesting funding for.
  4. Get a Letter of Medical Necessity.
  5. Gather important documents for your applications.
  6. Submit the item needed and price quote to your insurance to get Denial Letter
  7. Write a high quality ASK Letter
  8. Research funding sources to find the best match for your child
  9. Call and talk to the funders that you select
  10. Complete any forms required by the funder
  11. Make sure to follow up with funder after 30 days
  12. If you are funded, send a Thank You Letter!
  13. If you get a no, go and get a YES!


Tammy’s Time Saving Tip: When working on all these steps, it is very important to have an accordion file to keep track of all your important documents such as tax forms, pay stubs, etc. Keep additional copies of each in the file so you can quickly send in multiple applications.